Ad Wars

Members Allowed : 2-5

On 1st day of competition, participants will be required to present their video ad along with team members. On 2nd day teams will be assigned with a brand on which they will have to create and print their ad. The best advertisement justified by its presentation would be considered as the winner. Winning team will be provided with certificates, shield and cash prize.


  1. Any copied idea or theme of any other ad will not be accepted.
  2. Video ad should not be longer than 90 seconds that means 1 minute and 30 seconds. (1 minute Recommended)
  3. Each team will get 15 minutes to show their ad and present the idea.
  4. On 2nd day teams will have to create a print ad and present it in the given time frame.
  5. For print ad any random brand could be assigned to your team.
  6. Limitations of the timings will strictly be followed.
  7. Winners will be announced on second day.

Winning Criteria:

Judges will decide the winners on the basis of content and quality of video and print ads.

Creative content, clarity of message, application of marketing, branding concepts, and originality of idea will lead to the final decision of the judges. Presentation of the idea and questions asked by the audience will also be marked.


There will be two (2) rounds in the competition.

  1. Round 1 (Day 1): Presentation of video ad.
  2. Round 2 (Day 2): Creation and presentation of print ad.