Members Allowed : 1-3

Procom 2018 presents the AutoCAD Designing competition to show your talent and capabilities in AutoCAD Design Process and to become the best straight through merit and high-quality performance. We welcome all to participate and enlighten your capabilities.


  1. Minimum 1 and maximum of 3 members are allowed in each team.
  2. Participants must appear at the competition room at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the competitions.
  3. Candidates must check AutoCAD software, Mouse & Keyboard before starting the competition.
  4. Participants must not communicate or disturb another team during the Competition.
  5. Stationary (pencil, pen, paper etc.) will be provided.
  6. Calculators will not be provided; so, bring your own calculators.
  7. Mobile phones should be switched off during the competitions.
  8. Latecomers will not be given extra time.
  9. University card and CNIC is necessary.
  10. Any team found with any kind of cheating materials or illegal resources (e.g. USB, mobile, internet etc.) during the competition will be disqualified.
  11. Competition Head/Coordinator has the right to disqualify any team in any case.
  12. No extra time will be given in case of light or PC shut down by any reason, so keep saving your task.
  13. Judges will analyze performance. Results will be final and unobjectionable.
  14. Only registered and paid candidates will be allowed.


Winning Criteria:

  1. Winner will be chosen based on three rounds performance.
  2. The shortest time was taken.
  3. The perfect model of 2D and 3D drawing(s).


  1. The competition will be conducted in the lab. PC’s will be allotted to each team.
  2. Paper, pencil, pen for the logic building will be provided to each member of the team.


First two Rounds on day 1.

Round 1: MCQ’s

  1. Round 1 will be consisting of 30 minutes.
  2. MCQS regarding different commands and their functionalities or Special functions and names of objects in AutoCAD will be included
  • No team will be eliminated in this round.

Round 2: 2D drawings within shortest time

  1. Round 2 will consist of 30-40 minutes. 2D drawing(s) and objects will be given to participants for implementation
  2. 50% teams will be eliminated after 2nd round on the basis of the scores of round1 and round2. Only some qualifying teams will be able to participate in the 3rd round.

Final Round: 3D Drawing implementation by a Written Statement

  1. The final round will consist of 45-60 minutes. A written statement or pictorial hints of drawing would be given to participant for implementation in AutoCAD. where the team which has the correct drawing or the closest will be the winner of the competition.