Members Allowed : 1

It’s the battle of wit and talent. Strategize, execute and win. There are plenty of board games available which test your mental capability and push you to your limits. Prove you’re the best in when it comes to moving the pieces.


  1. Play fair game
  2. Procom Team reserves the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of the competition without explaining the reason
  3. Participants seeking any kind of help from an electronic gadget will be disqualified immediately
  4. Opponents will be selected via draws by the organizing team. We will not entertain any request of switching opponents.
  5. Participants have a maximum of 1hour to complete the game otherwise, the participant closer to winning will be declared as winner and will proceed to the next round
  6. International rules of checkers will be followed

Winning Criteria

Knockout system will be used