Circuit Designing

Members Allowed : 1-3

Procom 2018 presents the Circuit Designing competition to show your talent and capabilities in Designing and Debugging Skills. If you love to play with electronics, then we provide you a chance to show us your level of skills and expertise.


  1. Minimum 1 and maximum 3 members are allowed on each team and it will be a 2-days competition.
  2. Candidates must appear at the competition room at least twenty minutes before the commencement of the competition.
  3. Candidates must check their computer (Mouse, Keyboard) before starting the competition.
  4. Latecomers will not be given extra time.
  5. Current university, college or institution card is necessary.
  6. Competition head/EE coordinator has the right to disqualify any team in any harm case.
  7. Calculators will not be provided; so, bring your own calculators.
  8. Any material/document is not allowed in any format.
  9. Judges will analyze performance. The verdict will be final and unobjectionable.
  10. Use of any illegal resource during competition (e.g. USB, mobile, Internet etc.) will cause the elimination of that team.
  11. Only registered candidates will be allowed.
  12. Keep saving your task during competition. No extra time will be provided in case of light off or PC shut down for any reason.
  13. If the PC gets hanged due to any reason. Inform the invigilating team instantly.
  14. Ensure yourself that Multisim and Proteus software is correctly installed and working well before starting the competition. No excuses will be entertained during competition.
  15. Mobile phones should be switched off during the competition.
  16. Candidates must not communicate or disturb other teams during the competition.
  17. Candidates may not leave competition while the competition is in progress due to any reason.

Winning Criteria:

  1. Winner will be chosen on the basis of three rounds performance.
  2. Shortest time was taken.
  3. circuits will be judged on the bases of Logic and implementation, Time consumed in making the circuit, Circuit complexity, stability & Working condition of the circuit.
  4. For tie-in Any Round Previous round, scores will be considered.


All the basic stationary (rough sheet, pencil, pen) and one computer per team, power supply, and breadboard, etc. will be provided for designing. The calculator will NOT be provided.


a)      Round 1: MCQ’s

The first round will be MCQ’s round. You will be provided a sheet with thirty MCQ’s and you have to complete this round in 30 minutes. After this round, 30% teams will be eliminated depending on getting scores.

b)     Round 2: Debugging

The second round will be Debugging round. You will be provided a sheet having 2 circuits on it OR you may have to debug a circuit on a software (Multisim or Proteus). You have to complete this round in 45-60 minutes. After this round, 50% teams will be eliminated depending upon scores obtained in both 1st and 2nd round.

c)      Final Round: Implementation

The third round will be a circuit designing round. In this round, you will be provided a sheet on which two tasks will be written. The teams would have to complete both tasks in a given time. Relevant stuff i.e. breadboard, components etc. will be provided.