Counter Strike GO

Members Allowed : 5-5

30 seconds, defuse the bomb or blast the site, Come join us at PROCOM 2018 if you have what it takes to beat the clock.



  1. Competition Method: 5 vs. 5 (5 players per team).
  2. Knockout tournament.
  3. Single Map.
  4. Final and semi-finals might be best of 3.
  5. Round Time: 1min 45 seconds.
  6. Buy time: 15 seconds.
  7. Freeze time: 15 seconds.
  8. C4 Timer: 35 Seconds.
  9. The first match is a Knifing round. Both teams drop their guns at base and move towards the centre of the map. The team who wins the Knifing round gets to choose which map they want to start off with and also the side.
  10. In the case of tie after the regulation, 6 extra rounds will be played. (3 rounds as terrorist and 3 round as Counter Terrorist per team)
  11. The first team to win 16 rounds in regulation or the team that wins the overtime period.
  12. If the server crashes before three rounds have been completed (in a half), the server must be restarted and the half’s score will be reset to 0-0.
  13. If the server crashes after the third round has been completed, the half must be restarted with start money 2000 and the score will be counted from the last completed round. The start money is set to 2000 and the team that lost the last round kills itself using “kill” in the console. This round does not count. The half continues with the following round. The start money has to be set to 800 again.
  14. Competitors are not allowed to use global in-game chat in an abusive, offensive, vulgar or spamming manner at any point during a match. This includes pre-match, intermission and post-match periods as well.
  15. Illegal scripts are not allowed.
  16. All teams are expected to be there and confirm their attendance 30 minutes before the start of the match.
  17. Map pool: de_dust2,de_nuke,de_cache,de_train,de_mirage,de_cobblestone,de_overpass.
  18. Punishment for any violation will be at the sole discretion of the administrators.

Winning Criteria:

The first team to win 16 rounds in regulation or the team that wins the overtime period.