Creative Writing

(English and Urdu)

Members Allowed : 1

Let your writing talent flow! Introducing Creative Writing competition. You can compete for the English or Urdu section of the competition. Craft meaningful sentences, construct thought-provoking paragraphs and conclude with a twist. If you aspire for greatness, this is where to begin.

Round: [120 Minutes]

Participants will have to complete their essay within 2hours. There will be 2 rounds consist of 2h each. Both have the different topics.


Winning Criteria:

Winner will be decided by the judges on the criteria of best topic description.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Creative writing is any form of writing with feelings, thoughts or emotions.
  2. The Creative Writing Competition will be held centrally and is open to all the students (School, High School, and Undergraduate).
  3. There is no restriction on the number of participants from each Institutes.
  4. Topics will be provided to the participants.
  5. Two hours will be given for writing.
  6. The language of the essay can be Urdu or English.
  7. The writing should be neatly handwritten on paper provided by the organizers.
  8. The word limit of the essay would be 1000-1500 words or less.
  9. Make sure you write your Name and contact number on the paper.
  10. Drawings, photographs or artwork will not be accepted.
  11. Before submitting, be sure to proofread/edit your writing.
  12. Your essay should be completely a product of your own thought. Do not copy from anyone else.
  13. Do not discuss the topic or content with anyone else.
  14. Limit your essay to minimum pages with cohesive and well-reasoned arguments.
  15. Make sure your essay is creative and well supported and complete.

Resource Provided:

All the basic stationary (paper like our exam sheet, pencil, pen) will be provided