Database Design

Sponsored by Systems Limited

Members Allowed : 2-3

The Database design competition is the backbone of PROCOM. In this competition, you must prove your programming and management skills by making a design of database, solve SQL queries and answer some MCQs. But do not forget to keep an eye on the time because it stops for none.


  1. Each team consists of 2-3 members.
  2. Do not open question booklet until asked.
  3. You are not allowed to leave the room during the contest.
  4. Participants are not allowed to collaborate with anyone else other than his/her team members during the contest.
  5. Participant cannot bring any kind of notebook or writing pad to the contest room. Blank sheets of paper and pens will be provided to each team.
  6. The participants are not allowed to use mobile or any electronic items during competition.
  7. Failing to observe any of the above rules may lead to deduction in points or direct disqualification from the contest.
  8. Authority has the right to change any rule without prior notice.
  9. The top team after combining both round’s result will be declared as winner.
  10. The decision of judge will stand unchallenged.
  11. Your team can be disqualified if found using any unfair means during the contest.
  12. For first round question booklet, blank sheets of paper and pens will be provided to each team.
  13. For queries in final round, you will be a provided a system having Oracle database and SQL*plus installed with pre-loaded schema.

Winning Criteria:

  1. The top team of each round based on distribution mention below will be declare as winner.

Resource Provided:

  1. Day 1: Paper, Pen will be provided to each team everything will be done on paper.
  2. Day 2: A PC will be provided to each team for round 2.


  1. It will be a two-day competition and teams will be judged based upon each round.
  2. First Round (qualification round) on 1st day: Room
    1. MCQs – 30%
    2. Design (ERD) – 40%
    • Queries – 30%
    1. Second Round (Final round) on 2nd day: Lab
      1. Queries on given schema – 100%