Fifa 18

Members Allowed : 1

Dribble, control, assist and GOAL. Procom brings you the virtual pitch back to you where the competition is tough, and pressure is real. So do you have what it takes to break controllers?  If yes, then come join us at Procom for the FIFA 18 competition.


  1. 1v1
  2. Knockout tournament (1 match)
  3. Final will be of two legs, home and away.
  4. Half Length: 6 minutes
  5. Difficulty Level: World Class
  6. Referee: Random
  7. Time Of Day: Day
  8. Weather: Dry
  9. Game Speed: Normal
  10. Ball: Default
  11. Injuries: Off
  12. Offside: On
  13. Bookings: On
  14. Handball: Off
  15. Players cannot use custom made teams.
  16. Players can only use default formations.
  17. Players can use custom tactics.
  18. Players wishing to make substitutions must wait until the ball is out of play before making any changes.
  19. Players must not pause the game when the ball is in play.
  20. Time wasting is not allowed.
  21. The administration team reserve the right to overrule any pre-stated tournament rules at any point if deemed necessary.