Idea To Product

Sponsored By Venture Dive

Members Allowed : 2-5

The phrase “Idea to Product” refers to applying creative thought to a technology (“Idea”) and developing a market application (“Product”) for that technology; thus, creating a match between a technology and a societal (or market) need. The Competitions like Idea to Product are early-stage technology commercialization plan competitions that aim for unique product ideas with clear market demand that use innovative technologies. The ideas should be unique and innovative, be feasible to implement, and address an identified market need, and they must have an underlying technology component. Teams are encouraged to focus on the benefits of their technology and its associated market potential, rather than the technical features. Idea to product is a two-day competition; on the first-day workshop on business model will be conducted and participants will be required to build their business models in the given time slot. On second day of competition, participants will present their idea and business model in front of judges.


  1. The idea must be original for a business from idea up to five years in operation.
  2. Not-For-Profit submissions will not be accepted.
  3. Each team will get 10 minutes for presentations.
  4. Limitations of the timings will strictly be followed.
  5. Winners will be announced on second day.

Winning Criteria:

Judges will judge the idea on the basis of innovation, value creation, feasibility, teamwork, and delivery of presentation.


  1. Round 1 (Day 1): Workshop and Business Model Submission.
  2. Round 2 (Day 2): Idea and Business Model Presentation.