Members Allowed : 3-3

A competition that requires physical and mental prowess. Using their logic building skills and physical strength, the players will have to go through an array of different challenges that will test their abilities to the fullest. Your IQ will be tested to the limit in a series of mind games, puzzles, IQ tests, maze and the grand Treasure Hunt, which will require the players to navigate through the campus, finding clues and hints as they race against the clock. It is you against the smartest people, and only the smartest will win.


  1. Each team can have up to three members.
  2. Team Iquest reserves the rights to disqualify any team at any stage of the game without explaining the reason.
  3. No electronic gadget is allowed.
  4. No calculator is allowed in IQ test.
  5. If we find any participant seeking help of any other Iquest team member or have any settlement with another Iquest member your team will be disqualified at that very moment.
  6. Team Iquest is not responsible for your valuables, please take care of them yourself.
  7. All cell phones must be switched off while you are in the competition. Negative marking is allowed if we find your phone switched on.
  8. Day 1 competitions will be played by all the teams. Top 15 will be eligible to compete the 2nd day round.

Winning Criteria:

  1. If multiple teams complete the final task we will check their Day 1 score, highest scorers will be announced winners of the Iquest.

Resources Provided:

  1. Pens and papers for each member of the team.


  Day 1:

  1. Tic tac toe
  2. IQ test
  3. Maze
  4. Foot dart
  5. Minute to win it

  Day 2:

  1. SnookBall
  2. Mine Field
  3. Minute to win it
  4. Treasure Hunt