Need For Speed

Members Allowed : 1

Grab the steering and drive while the inner you thrives to be the best racer of all time. Come to Procom NFS and make the world believe that you have what it takes to drive.


  1. Game Version: NFS Most Wanted 2012
  2. General Competition Method: 1 vs. 1
  3. Game Type : Sprint
  4. Host, client will be announced before the match or decided by coin toss.
  5. (Only for LAN Tournament) Other controllers, Steering Wheel allowed at the end of each match, players must maintain the final screens and receive confirmation from a referee.
  6. Graphic settings such as motion blur can be set using external utilities.
  7. The use of Porsche GT and BMW M3 are NOT allowed
  8. Car Settings Visual Upgrade allowed.
  9. Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate) are allowed
  10. Junkman NOT allowed. o Personal save files are NOT allowed.
  11. Cars may be tuned before racing each course.
  12. Game Settings Courses: Diamond, Dunwich Bay, Heritage Heights, Bay Bridge, East Park
  13. The Course selection may be changed prior to the tournament. Players will be informed of any such changes before the tournament.
  14. Race Mode Options : Sprint
  15. Note: The tournament organizers have all the right to change any rule subject to change according to the situation.

Winning Criteria:

The winner of a race is the first player to complete the lap of the sprint course and cross the finish line.