Members Allowed : 1-3

Procom 2018 brings network simulation to the level of competition. In this competition, participants will be required to solve questions regarding networking and to simulate them.


  1. Minimum 1 and maximum 3 members are allowed on each team and it will be a 2-days competition.
  2. Candidates must appear at the competition room at least twenty minutes before the commencement of the competition.
  3. Candidates must check their computer (Mouse, Keyboard) before starting the competition.
  4. Latecomers will not be given extra time.
  5. Current university, college or institution card is necessary and keeps it all the time with you in the university premises.
  6. Competition head/EE coordinator has the right to disqualify any team in any harm case.
  7. Any dictionary or commands document is not allowed in any format.
  8. Judges will analyze performance. the verdict will be final and unobjectionable.
  9. Use of any illegal resource during competition (e.g. USB, mobile, internet, the software helps etc.) will cause of elimination of that team.
  10. Only registered and paid candidates will be allowed.
  11. Keep saving your task during competition. No extra time will be provided in case of light off or PC shut down due to any reason.
  12. If the PC gets hanged due to any reason. Inform the invigilating team instantly.
  13. Ensure yourself that CISCO software is correctly installed and working well before starting the competition. No excuses will be entertained during competition.
  14. Mobile phones should be switched off during the competition.
  15. Candidates must not communicate or disturb other teams during the Competition.
  16. Candidates may not leave competition while the competition is in progress due to any reason.
  17. No one allowed to share any stationary that is provided on the day.
  18. Papers will be collected according to the same order in which they provided.
  19. No extra time will be given to any group in any case.
  20. Damage / Stealing to any tool that is provided is prohibited.
  21. Any kind of misbehaving with invigilator or any member will not be tolerated.

Winning Criteria:

  1. Shortest time was taken.
  2. Optimize and perfect implementation in round 2 & Round 1 performance will also be considered.
  3. Perfect implementation within shortest time in the final round will be a winner.

Resources Provided:

Round 1: Rough sheet, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and ruler.

Round 2: Computers with software that is required.

Round 3: Crimping tool, RJ45 connectors (2), and Cat-6 cable of 1m, Computers.


First two Rounds on day 1.

Round 1: MCQ’s

1. Round 1 will be consisting of 60 MCQ’s about data communication & networking.

2. Time provided for this round is 45 minutes with total weight of 30 marks.

No team will be eliminated in this round.

Round 2: Network Building within shortest time

Round 2 will be solely software based where the candidates will be asked to simulate a given problem on Cisco Packet Tracer. The activity will be performed by each team. Marking criteria will be based on the completion of the task, presentation of the given exercise and the working of the simulated system. The team will be allotted a time of 20 minutes to complete the task(s) and only the teams that will make the minimum merit will qualify for round 3. Total weight for round 2 is 30 marks. 50% of the teams will be eliminated after this round

Final Round on day 2: Hardware Implementation within shortest time

Round 3 consist of 2 activities in which cat-6 cable, 2 RJ45 connectors and a crimping tool will be provided and each team has to make a cross-over cable within 20 minutes. The team must follow IEEE standards. Each team will be evaluated according to the quality and accuracy of the cable made. 2nd activity is based on computer simulation each team has to solve a query which will be given, this part is not obvious. Total weight for round 3 is 40 marks, Time provided for the 1st activity will be 20 minutes and 30 minutes for the 2nd task. Total 50 minutes will be provided.