Parliamentary Debate

Members Allowed : 2-5

A British Parliamentary debate consists of a team of two people, competing against 3 other teams simultaneously. The total amount of teams expected are 8. Meaning a total of 16 people.


Following are the basic standard rules for British Parliamentary.

  1. Each speaker can speak for a maximum of 7 minutes.
  2. Topic are given to each team, half an hour prior to the start of the round.
  3. There will be 4 rounds on first day.
  4. Semi-final and Final will be on the final day.
  5. Specifications of the tournament will be dealt by the standard British Parliamentary Debating rules.

Winning Criteria:

The team that gets the maximum points in the Final wins, while the loser at the end of the final is declared the runner up.


  1. Paper and pens for every participant.