Project Exhibition

Members Allowed : 2-4

Showcase your FYPs! Project Exhibition is the chance for those who want to work on software and hardware both simultaneously and to prove themselves as a team of professional Software developers.

Project exhibition provides the platform for the tech participants to come forward and prove their abilities in software, web application, mobile application and game development. Project Exhibition is a very prestigious part of PROCOM. The competition provides an opportunity to upcoming developers to exhibit their creations and get evaluated by highly skilled and competent professionals from I.T. industry. Developers will go head to head with each other in competing for the coveted prize.

We will be testing your ideas, programming, aesthetical, and development skills of the Project. All participants are appreciated.


  1. All the tasks have to be completed in a given time before the evaluation of judges.
  2. Minimum 2 and maximum 4 members are allowed in each team and it will be a 2-days competition
  3. Any project related gadgets like software, computers will not be provided. Bring your own resources to showcase your project.
  1. Projects must have a showcasing documentation (poster, block diagrams etc.)
  2. The projects will be on display for public. The participants are required to be present with the project to demonstrate it always.
  3. Participants must inform the Project Exhibition Management Team about any hardware or software they bring along with them, in order to deal with Security department properly.
  4. A panel of judges will evaluate each project during the event. Participants are required to be present at the time of evaluation of their projects by the panel of internal and external judges.
  5. Different judges will visit projects at different times.
  6. Winners and runner-ups will be decided by combining the results of internal and external judges.
  7. Teams will be served on Registration basis.
  8. All members of a group must be students of the same institute.
  9. Each member of a group must fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  10. If a team does not appear on any day of competition it will be disqualified
  11. Participants are required to submit a certificate/letter from their Head of Institute/ Organization about the software being an individual/group effort.
  1. Any type of ill behavior will result in immediate disqualification.
  2. The contestants shall not leave their seats without prior consent from the authorities, nor talk to any irrelevant person.
  3. If any project is found to be a replica of another project, the act shall be considered cheating and judges can disqualify participants and the entry fee shall be forfeited.
  4. Only selected projects will be exhibited. Participants will not be allowed to display anything other than the selected projects.
  5. In all matters regarding competition, decision of the organizing committee and the judges will be considered final and binding on all participants.
  6. The decision of the panel shall be final, therefore; no participant or team can challenge the decision.
  7. All the projects must be demonstrated in the premises of the campus and not outside.

Winning Criteria:

  1. Working Project
  2. Novelty of design and idea
  3. Practical Aspects
  4. Knowledge
  5. Presentation
  6. Project report
  7. Aesthetics of the Project

Resource Provided:

  1. Power supplies, extension boards and tables for displaying projects will be provided. If any team needs anything else or have any special requirements, they are encouraged to bring it along. In case they require assistance from PROCOM Team then they should contact Participant Relations and get in touch with the competition head.


  1. One round competition.