Robo Race

Sponsored by Superstar

Members Allowed : 2-5

Procom 2018 Bring Robo Race Competition for you, the way you enter, the way you proceed, the way you reveal your speed to others beings here at the enthralling event of “RoboRace”. The fast speeds, tight turns, and exciting collisions in our hot wheels on track takes place. It is the event where you to get to test the efficiency, power & programming of your robot.

Robot Specifications:

  1. The robot should be fully autonomous and should not have any human interference.
  2. Maximum measures of the robot should be 30 x 30 x 30 cm (lxbxh) and the maximum weight should be 5 kg.
  3. A robot must not damage the arena and not poses danger to other participants and the spectators.
  4. Using voltages greater than 24 Volts in the robot is prohibited.
  5. A robot must have started and stop button(s).
  6. A robot must not contain any flammable or hazardous material other than the battery.
  7. Except for the battery pack, the handler shall not make any addition, removal, replacement or change to the hardware of the robot during the contest.
  8. The robot must be battery-powered. And must contain an onboard power supply.
  9. Power sources that are considered dangerous or unsuitable by the contest Officials shall not be permitted.

Examination of Robot:

  1. It is mandatory for all participating teams to get their robots examined & Team must present their programmed code to judges and organizers before the start of competition at allotted time slots.
  2. After Examination approved robots shall be allotted with a sticker. No robot shall be allowed to run in the arena without the sticker.

Game Rules & Track Specs:

  1. The maximum time allowed for each round would be 10 minutes; no extra time shall be allowed to robots what so ever.
  2. 2 minutes will be given for the team to set up the robot on the arena.
  3. Each team should be present at the arena venue at their allocated time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification
  4. Each team should be present at the arena venue at their allocated time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification
  5. There would be a total of three rounds in this event.
  6. The 1st round will be held on day 1. It is an elimination round.
  7. The 2nd and the final round will be held on day 2. 2nd round is also an elimination round.
  8. In each round, 50% of the top scoring teams will qualify for the next round.
  9. The final round will be a race between two robots. The time limit only two minutes. The robot completes the task or leading the track will be declared as the winner.
  10. In 1st and 2nd round the team can call for a maximum of 3 restarts at any point in the round for any reason keeping in mind the time limit of eight minutes which will keep running including two minutes of calibration time
  11. In case of calling restart, the scores will be reset and the team has to start from the starting point.
  12. In each round, each map shall have different checkpoints.
  13. All checkpoint shall have same score points in each round
  14. After crossing each checkpoint teams will get 20 points in 1st and 2nd rounds.
  15. After completing the map, you will get 10 points in 1st and 2nd rounds.
  16. After completing the map with the shortest time you will get 10 bonus points in each of the three rounds.
  17. After completing the map with the shortest path you will get 20 bonus points in each of the three rounds.
  18. Contestants will be given maximum 2 minutes to calibrate their robot/sensors on the actual arena/game field.
  19. The line would be of white color and red color on a black no-glossy background.
  20. Lines with dead ends shall be indicated by red color.
  21. The line width would be 3cm.
  22. There could be empty space between lines or there could be some broken lines.
  23. Tracks will be uploaded soon on our event page

General Rules:

  1. Team name should be decent and should not target any wrong meaning.
  2. The Contest judges may stop any robot at any time if they feel that it is performing, or is about to perform, any action that is dangerous or hazardous to people or equipment.
  3. In all matters of interpreting the rules before and during the Contest and in any issues not covered by these rules, the decisions of the Contest Judging Committee will be final.
  4. Team must bring their own Battery charging system
  5. If any robot founded attempting to damage the game field will be disqualified.
  6. Performing any act that fails to comply with the spirit of Fair Play
  7. The only team with their turn is allowed in Arena, another team Should be outside the arena until and unless their turn comes.
  8. No talking to judges in arena & It is forbidden to see results at the end of any round.
  9. Taking pictures of the track is not allowed by the team because details of the track will be shared.
  10. Robot batteries must be fully charged before competition & Competition will not be delayed if robot batteries are discharged, Team will be knockout in this circumstance
  11. Organizers would not be responsible for any loss during competition, Teams must run robots at their own risk
  12. Moreover, any attempt to exploit the above-given rules in lieu of bad will may disqualify such a team upon the decision of the administration of the event.
  13. Competition head/EE coordinator has the right to disqualify any team in any harm case (misbehaving with organizers etc.)
  14. The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.