Robo Wars

Sponsored by Superstar

Members Allowed : 2-5

Procom brings you the most nail biting competition of the evenly. Teams from different universities every year come up with well-designed robots enough to bear the war pressure. Watching two robots wrestle is totally an explosive experience. Are you ready to take the challenge of the era of 21st century!

Robot Specifications:

  1. Each team can have only one robot.
  2. The robot controlling systems should be wireless.
  3. The frequency of each robot should be unique to avoid interference.
  4. Teams should notify their robot’s frequency as soon as possible so that it should be reserved and not allotted to any other team.
  5. The robot should fit in a volume of 18.75 with dimension 3 ft x 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft (lxbxh) when at rest position. (in the maximum operational expandable position)
  6. The weight of the robot should not exceed 25 kg. (i.e. with all weapons loaded)
  7. The robot may fold and unfold itself to follow the dimension rules.
  8. The robot must use an only onboard power supply.
  9. No external off-board power supply is allowed.
  10. Each team shall prepare its own power supply for all its machines.
  11. The robot can take power from a DC source with a rating, not more than 48 volts. Only dry-type sealed batteries are allowed i.e. Li-Poly, Ni-MH, Li-ion, and other maintenance-free sealed packed batteries.
  12. Human operators are not permitted to enter the Court once the competition has started. They need to operate the robot from outside the court using their remote controls.
  13. The teams can use ready-made micro-controller boards/ready-made sensor kits.
  14. Weapons must remain connected to the machine at all times during operation, i.e. if any weapon is released out from the body of the robot either intentionally or unintentionally, the robot will be immediately disqualified upon the decision of the judges’ panel.
  15. Any weapon that can pose an injury risk to the spectators is not allowed e.g. loosely fitted spinning weapons etc. The teams which such a robot will be asked to remove such a weapon before the contest. If they fail to remove the weapon, the team will be disqualified.

Game Rules:

  1. The robot has to destroy, flap upside down, or push the opponent’s robot out of the court, in order to win a round.
  2. If your robot is stuck in the difficulties or unable to move from its position you will be given two chances to restart or re-center it, but negative marking will be done.
  3. Two robots will compete against each other.
  4. In the first round, you have competed on a plane surface without difficulties.
  5. Each match is 3 minutes.
  6. The teams with maximum points will compete in the final.
  7. If the robot is destroyed or pushes by the opponent out of the court will be considered knockout from the match.
  8. The teams that qualify for the next round are not allowed to take their robots home with them. They will be kept in the university till second round on the second day.

General Rules:

  1. Team name should be decent and should not target any wrong meaning.
  2. A robot must be programmed by team presenting & organizers have rights to disqualify any ready-made robot.
  3. Candidates must appear at the competition venue at least twenty minutes before their turn in competition.
  4. Team must bring their own Battery charging system
  5. Robot batteries must be fully charged before competition & Competition will not be delayed if robot batteries are discharged, Team will be knockout in this circumstance
  6. Organizers would not be responsible for any loss during competition, Teams must operate robots at their own risk
  7. The robot is not allowed to leave anything behind while traversing the grid.
  8. Laptops/personal computers are not allowed near the arena. Other Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. devices must be switched off.
  9. The organizers hold the right to check for these devices and their usage.
  10. The contest judges may stop any robot at any time if they feel that it is performing, or is about to perform, any action that is dangerous or hazardous to people or equipment.
  11. No robot is allowed to use any flammable, combustible, explosive or potentially dangerous processes. In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizer’s decision will be final and binding.
  12. Teams must take clearance from technical team before competition, Team must present their programmed code to technical team, No modifications are allowed after technical clearance
  13. Current university, college or institution card is necessary and keeps it all the time with you in the university premises.
  14. Moreover, any attempt to exploit the above-given rules in lieu of bad will may disqualify such a team upon the decision of the administration of the event.
  15. Competition head/EE coordinator has the right to disqualify any team in any harm case (misbehaving with organizers etc.)
  16. The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.