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Scrabble, the classic crossword game. You can feel the energy start when you pile on your letters, pick an incredible word, and would like to arrive on a triple-word score. Play the well-known Scrabble amusement the great route as you go up against adversaries no holds barred, for a testing and fun time whether you’re an amateur or a specialist.


Knockout system will be implicated.


  1. For each Scrabble game, there must be at least two-players and no more than four.
  2. The person who draws the earliest letter in the alphabet plays first.
  3. Once the order of turns is established, each person draws six more tiles in that order.
  4. The game progresses as each player lays down tiles on the board that make up words that connect to already played words, like making one big crossword puzzle.
  5. Tiles can only be placed from left to right or from top to bottom. Words placed diagonally or backward are not allowed.
  6. After each turn, the tile values are added up and placed on the score sheet, and the person draws the number of tiles they used for their last play, always having seven tiles until all tiles run out.
  7. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Winning Criteria:

Who scores the most will be the winner.