Speed Debugging

Members Allowed : 2-3

So, do you have the proficiency of rectifying the errors in code? Do you possess the knack of eradicating the ambiguities from it? Do you hold the ignition of showcasing your debugging skills along with the coding skills? If you believe in yourself, then grab this moment! This might just be the time to kick-start your debugging journey.

The teams, in this competition, will be given some piece of code withholding some logical or syntactical errors in it and the participants would have to unearth the bugs in a limited time period. The team which corrects the highest number of errors will be declared winner.


There will be two rounds in Speed Debugging Competition:


Round 1: [1 hour]

Participants will be provided with 30 objective questions of varying difficulty, which they will be required to solve in the given time. These 30 questions would include multiple choice questions, each of 1 point, and rapid fire debugging questions, each of 3 points.

Top n* participants will progress to the Final.

*value of n is subject to registrations we get.


Final: [1 hour]

In this round, the participants would be given 15 questions. These questions would include rapid fire debugging questions, each of 3 points, and debugging problem solving questions, each of 8 points. The team with the most points will be declared winner.


Winning Criteria

Team with the highest score at the end will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the team which had submitted the answers earlier would be declared winner.