Tug Of War

Members Allowed : 5-8

A tug-of-war is a sports event in which two teams test their strength by pulling against each other on opposite ends of a rope. Does your group of friends have that strength to pull the opponent? If yes come and participate in the tug of war competition.


The game involves usage of single equipment i.e. a rope. There is a red mark made in the middle of the rope. This red mark on the rope needs to be at a perpendicular angle to the exact center point on the ground, before the commencement of the game. A white mark is made exactly 13 feet from the red mark on either side of the rope. The game is won when either side with this white mark crosses the center point.


There is a particular technique that needs to be applied while playing this game, if not then there will be a foul which can call in for disqualifications. For e.g. lowering your elbow below the knee level while pulling the rope is considered to be a foul and is called ‘locking’. Touching the ground for a longer period of time is also considered as a foul.

Winning Criteria:

Knock out system will be implicated.