UI/UX Design

Sponsored by Contour

Members Allowed : 2-4

Let’s, see how much do you know your users? Competition is about solving a real-world usability problem using interface design. This time we have raised the bars, test out your skills and win.


  1. A group can contain maximum 4 members.
  2. Groups must submit two things (a) UX plan along with reasoning (b) UI Prototype
  3. No excuses will be considered if the task is incomplete.
  4. Participants can use any Prototyping Software.
  5. UX plan should detailed and understandable.
  6. Participants can bring/download fonts, icons or other assets. Installation of fonts shall be done before the starting of competition by asking the organizing team for the admin password.

Winning Criteria:

Entries will be judged based on three main factors:

  1. Usability/Functionality (40%): How much an entry facilitates the user and obeys the brief?
  2. Aesthetics (40%): How much an entry has followed Design Principles and attracts the users?
  3. Innovation (20%): How much innovation and creativity an entry has?

Resource Provided:

  1. PC, A4 size Blank Sheets, pencil, ruler, eraser, ball-pen will be provided.


  1. There will be only one (1) round of three (3) hours in which participants (individual/groups) will be given an Interface design brief.